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Robbing Stores

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1 Robbing Stores on Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:28 pm

In this topic I will show you What commands you need to rob the Casinos, HQs, Stores, Etc....  there are different Types
Before You Start Robbing
You Need a gun to a rob anything!
You can buy a gun in ammunation!

Burger Shot - /robshot

24/7 Store - /robstore

Redsands Casino - /robred

The Emerald Isle Casino - /robisle

New Vegas Bank - /robbank

New Vegas Night Club - /robclub

New Vegas Bar - /robbar

Ammunation - /robammu

Well Stacked Pizzas - /robpizza

New Vegas University - /robuni

Cluck'n Bell - /robcluck

New Vegas Casino - /robvegas

Caligulas Casino - /robcalg

4 Dragons Casino - /robdrag

New Vegas CIA HQ - /robcia

Las Venturas Police Department - /robnvpd

These Commands are only about (Robbing!)
This Guide is useful For Newcomers!
If I Missed Something In Topic Then PM Me In-Game And I Will add It Later.

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